Linux? It’s hard not to hear about it today.

Unless you’ve been locked up in a nuclear-free haven with no connection to the rest of the world, you’ve probably never heard of it anywhere on the net or in a conversation with colleagues.

No wonder: linux is everywhere. Without linux, many websites and offers would not exist today. But what the hell is linux? This is the field to which this first idea will react, don’t panic.

We’re not going to install anything for the moment, just discern what it is and how we got there… because it’s very important! Linux® is an open source operating system.

An operating system is an application that immediately coordinates the physical components of the force and its resources, such as the microprocessor, calling and storage. It represents the interface between the applications and the equipment.

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It is the operating system that establishes the interface between all the software and physical resources required to perform the various tasks. One could compare the offerings of an operating system with the engine of a vehicle.

The engine can run autonomously, but a more inorganic vehicle is only obtained when combined with a transmission system, shafts and wheels. And if the engine does not run properly, the rest of the vehicle will not run at all.

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