Some news about cryptomony

A cryptomonnaie is a motorized device for returning value, a capital whose operation is based on a digital protocol, called blockchain, and rejoicing on principles of cryptograms that ensure the security, validity and immutability of its transactions.

Everything and its opposite has been said about cryptomoney from the propagandist fantasy born of the neoclassicism cypherpunk:
an angelic reputation of dark web money in response to the silkroad flat episode, a speculative spoilsport website during the successive bubbles of the ecosystem, a way to uberize all economic neighborhoods, a catastrophe of project placement with ico or more sometimes an adoption by the corporate world thanks to cryptomonnaies created by facebook, telegram, samsung or jpmorgan. In a biosynthesis with a legal framework still to be customized, the agreement agrees to concede a cryptomonnaie if it remains at least listed by renowned solutions such as coinmarketcap. Com.

As its name indicates, the crypto-currency, also called bitcoins and litecoin as well, is an encrypted and quasi-total capital. But then, why use almost total capital when you have access to your financial forecast on the internet? That’s why you can make transfers, online payments .

Anonymity is the first cause of the emergence of such a capital. It is transparently possible to analyse purchases in the fullest incognito. Very bewitching to avoid any risk of computer security on your financial forecast jus.

In addition, and this is where some will find the crypto-money interesting, it escapes any financial system already in place. Which means that nothing controls it and nobody controls it enough to regulate it. By abusing such a capital you thus avoid the “dictatorship” of the banking institutions that govern the financial world that you know.

Almost total capital, what is it?

The crypto-currencies are private money, that is to say they are not enunciated by a cagibi or a classic capitalist struggle like the central banking establishments or any other establishment in matters of money. They are transparently enunciated in a decentralized manner. Therefore, remote currencies allow you to avoid using the current financial system. That is why they can be considered as alternative currencies.

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