Workout Routines For Perfect Abs

Everyone craves having the perfect abs alongside a flat tummy. There are many ways to arrive at this but the following workouts should prove successful.

-Abdominal Hold
This workout routine might look a little wonky at first and you might even be afraid of doing it in public but it all pays in the end. Take a sturdy chair and sit tall right at the edge. Take your hands and place them on the edge and make sure your fingers are pointing to the knees. Breathe in to tighten your abs and lift your toes at most 4 inches from the floor. Now you can lift your butt from the chair. Stay in this position for at most 10 seconds or however long you can. Go back down and repeat the exercise for at least a minute.

– The Side Crunch
This might seem easy but itís quite difficult for most people. It specifically teases the oblique muscles as well as your balance. Kneel on the floor and lean to your right with your right hand placed on the floor. Make sure your weight is perfectly balanced and stretch your left leg while pointing your toes. Next, take your left hand and place it on the back of your head with your elbow pointed upwards. Now, lift your leg slowly to reach your hip and extend your arm right above it with the palm now facing front. Bring the left rib cage towards your hip as you look out over your hand. Go back to the starting position and repeat the procedure for at most 8 times and switch sides.

Using The Flex Belt Successfully
Flex belt is a revolutionary ab toner. Here are some tips that would help you achieve your desired body with the Flex Belt. Before using the belt and in between exercises, make sure you do some cardio exercises. Do some aerobic exercises as well. You can start by doing any continuous motion exercise for at least 30 seconds. These include jogging, jumping jacks, skipping, running or shadow boxing etc. Every time you do your workout, you should also do at most 2 minute of aerobic exercises. After doing this for a week, you can include cardio exercises for 2 minutes before and in between the use of The Flex Belt.

Try out these exercises for the best looking body and abs!