A Guide to Natural Testosterone Boosters for Men

I remember the day that I realized how effective my efforts to boost my testosterone levels were quite clearly. I was on the way back from heading to the bathroom when I saw that my girlfriend was being pestered by a drunk man. Her eyes and her facial expression made it clear, she wanted to get away from this guy as quickly as possible. “Do you mind if I jump in?” I asked “I was sitting here and…”

The drunk cut me off curtly, and started to stand up and face me. I knew instantly that the conversation had to end right now. I picked him up by his collars and shoved him into the wall of the bar, winding him. In an instant, a bouncer came running over and then tossed us out into the street.

My girlfriend was rather humiliated by the events of that evening, but a part of her was turned on. She wanted to know what had gotten into me, and caused me to “go caveman” on the guy. I explained that I’d been feeling more aggressive, and she made it clear that she was confused, but found it oddly attractive. That’s a side effect that I hadn’t expected!

Over the last few months I’d been experimenting with testosterone boosting techniques, and I had managed to succeed in increasing my testosterone levels from 230 to over 600 ng/Dl thanks to some changes to my training and some new diet techniques. In addition to impressing my girlfriend,  I’d found that I was sleeping better, I had more motivation in the gym, I was recovering after a workout far more quickly, and my sex drive had soared. The only downside was a little acne appearing on my back, but this is something that I could work around, or manage. The really exciting thing was that all of this had been achieved legally and naturally – not a single anabolic steroid in sight.

It took reading through hundreds of blogs, studies, books and articles to discover the techniques that I needed to use. I have distilled all of that information into this article, in the hopes of saving you, my gentlemen readers, time on your quest to become stronger, younger and more virile.

The benefits of increasing testosterone for athletes and bodybuilders.

  • Improved protein synthesis from amino acids
  • Better appetite
  • Improved bone density and growth
  • Increased red blood cell production.
  • An increase in muscle formation and improved muscle healing, therefore causing increased strength.
  • An increase in motivation
  • Improved sleep, meaning better recovery both mentally and physically
  • Increased competitiveness and increased aggressiveness.

One of the things that I’ve found particularly effective at boosting testosterone levels was Elite Test 360 supplement – I could literally feel more energy and drive within a week of taking it.

If you’re interested in boosting testosterone for muscle building benefits, Pump Authority is a great resource to read.