The Importance Of Nutritious Diet For A Fitness Model

Who are fitness models? My idea of fitness model is a person who demonstrates and puts flesh on all aspects that makes one healthy. A person that designates exactly what it is, have to live a fit and healthy life.

There are various aspects that make you a consummate and healthy person, but just for now letís take a look at how important nutrition is for a fitness model.


I have to confess that I am not an expert of nutrition. I am just a woman who made a decision two years ago, to improve my shape to be the best ever in her life. I attended a nutrition class, read books and articles, and asked many questions. I also prepared for a figure contest. It is a bashing course to be extremely thin. I used some of the things that worked for me and discarded the rest. The most important thing is, I am always eager to learn.

Additionally I decided to make myself feel good as well as look good. The first thing I did for this purpose was carrying out healthy diet plan on a daily basis. In order to implement this, I carefully monitored what I ate and at what time I ate it each day.

Basically , I had to consume the certain amount of calories by eating food to achieve my aim of building and keeping muscle while maintaining my body fat low.

My goal as a fitness model is to maintain appropriately lean figure all through the year. I have a weakness for dark chocolate and pizza, which makes it hard for me to diet. However, I am well aware that if I want to look like a fitness model, I have to eat healthy and nutritious food.

In order to be successful in this field, you are required to make a lifelong determination to eat healthfully and maintain it. I thing I have learned is, that if I consider the reward is much more satisfactory than the sacrifice, I am more likely to make reasonable choices. I always make sure that my fridge is filled with healthy and nutritious food which assists my fitness goals.


Health Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

Leading a healthy lifestyle is beneficial today especially with the rise in medical treatment costs. A healthy body ensures one has anti bodies that are strong enough to fight disease causing agents like bacteria and viruses.
The best thing about garcinia cambogia is that it has been around for a long time and different cultures around the world have utilized it with the sole purpose of improving their health.

Below are the health benefits of garcinia cambogia.

Improves your well being

While garcinia cambogia is beneficial in helping you lose weight, it also helps you to improve your well being. It helps to improve one’s mood by increasing the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is produced by the body and helps to improve one’s mood.

Many people who have emotional problems such as stress, sadness and disappointment usually resort to eating which in turn makes them to become obese. When one is obese, due to negative comments from the society, one looks at themselves as not looking good.

When one loses weight thanks to garcinia products, one’s mood improves as they are able to look at themselves as beautiful or handsome. (Check out this link for a free sample of garcinia cambogia)

Improves immunity

There are various disease causing agents that are found in the world. Majority of them are transmitted from one person to the other through the air, through water, through contact and even exchange of fluids among others.
Naturally, an individual has the immune system which consists of antibodies and other body cells and their main function is to fight disease causing agents such as viruses and bacteria. When one uses garcinia products, it helps to improve one’s immunity therefore one’s body has the ability to defend itself. Vitamin C is a nutrient that is found abundantly in garcinia and it helps to improve one’s immunity. With improved immunity one does need to worry as the body will be able to defend itself against diseases.


Some Lessons onHealthy Eating Learned From America’s Best Chefs.

Living a healthy lifestyle is everyone’s dream. Every day, thousands of people seek ways of how this can be achieved. Some have tried and are successful, while a majority is still struggling to find the ultimate way. In this article, we sample the much sorted advise from the food experts; the chefs.

It sounds like a paradox when one thinks about the kind of food served in restaurants and the chefs who prepare them are now the adviser on what to eat. Do not be quick to judge. Read through and be sure to pick up some very interesting tips.
Eating healthy no longer has to be a boring affair. Some of the world class chefs are living their lives as healthy as possible through their diets. They have been able to cut down huge amounts of cholesterol and salt intake without compromising on the food quality.
Some of the suggestions by the top-notch chefs to ensure a healthy life are as highlighted below:

1. Find a morning routine.
A healthy choice for breakfast is always the best decision. You not only pick up lots of energies but are also getting some health benefits. A choice of fruits and/or cereal is recommended.
For the cereals preferably use low-fat milk or non-fat yogurt.

2. High-quality flavors
This is the biggest way to satisfy those cravings in a quick but healthy way. Use chilly or even olive oil. Some flavors like pepper which has a compound called capsaicin have proven benefits. It is said capsaicin can increase metabolism and reduce the appetite.

3. Beat the temptation:
One should know themselves and literally avoid or even tame the eating temptations. Avoid stocking those sugary and fatty foods close to you.

4. Trade in nonfat yogurt for that sour cream
One can strain yogurt in order to achieve a thick, rich texture just as that of sour cream. The nonfat yoghourt not only reduces the fat amount but also increases the amount of calcium consumed.
5. Canola oil works the same as Butter.
Canola oil has a very high content of monosaturated at. It gives the shine, a neutral taste with very minimal fat intake.

6. Develop some love for meat which is lean.
Extra lean hamburger, sirloin, and even chuck are some excellent examples to sample from. When preparing the meal include a lot of non-meaty ingredients.
The vegetables are sure to be packed with lots of vitamins and nutrition values.

7. Use soy.
Soy is a great contributor of lean protein with very minimal fat. The more natural it is the better. For instance use edamame sourced soy unlike the processed ones with lots of sodium.

8. That treat should be fruity
One chef explained how she has been able to maintain an envious weight in a healthy way. She simply swaps some of the flavors and at the end samples all. Minimize use of cheese and dough on cannoli by adding strawberries which are stuffed. Strawberries are a great booster to the vitamin C levels.

9. Aim for the much-needed flavor while avoiding the fat

There are some great flavors known to absorb and minimize fat while ensuring the great tasty flavor in food is not lost. For instance, use of citrus, vinegar, minty herbs and spices generously normally does the trick. The use of lemon juice in place of salt is well known to lead to reduced blood pressure levels.

10. Let the Asian Cuisine should be your inspiration
It basically comprises of plenty of fruits and vegetables with very minimal bad fats. Use of fish in most their diets and also lots of natural spices is something one should aim to emulate. Vinegar, for instance, is a perfect way of adding flavor to the diet with no fat. Use of cucumber and pickled Ginger on the other and not only has a great aroma but is good for its anti-inflammatory effects and as an immune booster.

11. The nutty affair.
Unless one is allergic to nuts, there is no reason why you should not go bonkers on this stuff. They have natural monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Some have lots of omega-3 like the walnuts which are especially good for the heart.

12. Letís talk about portions
When it comes to portions, this is where everyone has their own idea and as usual everything always goes wrong.

One can easily have distorted portions. The major trick here is to always prepare the treats in proper proportional portions. This will enable you feed the guilty pleasure but in a healthy way. It is a safer and easy way to ensure the diet is on track while still having fun=n and enjoying it.

13. Feed your heart with healthy samples
Some of the known good foods for the heart include plenty of vegetables and fruits. Guard and love your heart is the simple direct message here. Be consistent and keep it healthy from the first meal of the day to the very last one.

In conclusion, we can safely say that chefs are food immortals just like the rest of the general public. However, they have learned the art of keeping it healthy in a fun way. One can get it all as a package. The nutritional value, immune boosting properties, rich savory flavors, fun and still is greatly satisfied. We all need to learn and keep the healthy lives growing. Most of the suggestions are do-it-yourself recipes. There is only so much that one can do. The most important part is to get started and find out what works for you. Finally, the biggest challenge is to know yourself and your own targets for living a healthy way.