Going Green: How to Make Your Plate Sustainable

There are many reasons that we eat, one of which is hunger. We also eat for flavor, for pleasure and we share meals with family and friends for comfort, nutrition, friendship and health.

However, we also eat, becasue we eat. Many people however are turning green. Their menus are green and they choose to purchase sustainable foods that are both local and organic.

Those who are choosing to eat green, include people who choose to grow their own foods and compost all of the waste. They also take their reusable cloth bags to the grocer when they’re shopping. Everyone wants to make the concious decision to live greener as this is better for the environment. If you, like many, wish to increase your efforts to living green, these tips will help you.

Choose To Eat Fresh Produce When It’s In season

If your blessed enough to live in an area with many farms, then you can have ready access to fresh fruits and produce year round.

When you eat fruits and produce that are in season, your food travels less distance to get to your table. This ensures that your foods are fresher and more nutritious. One of the best ways to do this is to visit your Farmer’s Market. You’ll help support local farmers and you’ll provide your family with healthier food options.

If you don’t live near any Farmers Markets, there are still some options that you can use to get farm fresh foods, organic foods and the like.

Local Grocer

Choose organic foods at your local grocer. Learn to cook at home and save both time, money and fuel to travel to and from restaurants. Cooking your own food gives you more options. You can select what you’re eating, you can select only quality foods that will nourish your body. You can control portions, salt and other influences that can greatly affect your foods. This can save you time and money in your shopping.

Reduce Waste Of Food

According to 2010 EPA reports, Americans have generated up to 34 million tons of food waste. When you consider this, that is 40 percent of the food in your pantry at this very minute. Reducing food waste will help you to save money and keep things out of the landfills. When you take the time to plan your meals, you can cook what you’ve bought and eat more properly. You can plan to use leftovers in healthy meals. Your refrigerator will be cleaner and you’ll be healthier.

You’ll reduce waste and you’ll be healthier. Learn to clean the coils on your refrigerator as well to help reduce the stress on your refrigerator. It is amazing how cleaning it out and maintaining it will prolong its life.

Don’t forget to compost those veggie peelings and the like. There are a variety of in home ways to compost.

Get Rid Of Over Packaged Foods

Everyone knows that apples are presented in their natural state, without a wrapper. The best way to go green is to reduce the incoming pre packaged foods. This will help to reduce waste and improve landfills which will help you to live greener.

You’ll eat healthier because of this as well. If you trade the granola bars for bananans, if you eat crunchy veggies over that bag of chips, if you make healthy decisions, you’ll feel better and you’ll live greener.

Grow Your Own

A vegetable in your back yard can help provide your family with many healthy vegetables and fruits. You can live greener and you’ll enjoy unprocessed foods that have traveled from your garden to your table. You can compost the waste and turn it back into the garden.

Eat A Healthy Well BAnalced Diet

Learn healthy portions and stive to serve healthy portions. don’t over eat. Balance your meals to include the five food groups. Both your waist as well as your pocketbook will appreciate it. You’ll eat less and feel healthier.

Buy Organic

Organic doesn’t use pesticides, it doesn’t use herbicides and it doesn’t use any synthetic fertilizer. Organic foods are more expensive and it comes to a personal decision of whether or not you wish to buy them or not.

Don’t avoid healthy eating just because organic is expensive. Make healthy food selections. Remember that the label ‘organic’ doesn’t necessarily make it healthier. It’s what in it that makes it healthy.

Living and eating green are all up to you. Living green is a choice. It’s making wise decisions about what we eat, buy and grow. The best part about living green is that every choice leads to a healthier you.